Kargil Vijay Divas

kargil vijay divas Major DP Singh

18 years back in 1999, on 15th July, I got injured, I had two choices:-

1. To carry on as 100% disable, dependent on others. Or,

2. To stand back on my feet and make best use of whatever I have.

Any soldier, will make the obvious choice, so did I.

I did not just chose to make best use of whatever I have, but also made all efforts to pay back and keep contributing towards betterment and progress of my motherland. After all, each one of us, injured or fit, have this moral responsibility. And the same is mentioned in “Fundamental duties” of our constitution.

So, the question was and is, “What am I doing to make my country look good”?

I feel proud and humble that Almighty gave me strength to keep following my duties, to the best of my capabilities and HE also ensures that I should make efforts to improve my capabilities.

In the ongoing efforts, recently on 15th July, I was able to celebrate my “Death Anniversary” in Kargil itself and then run, the maiden, Kargil International Marathon on 16th July. After completing my 21 km, I received my medal and directly went to Drass war memorial attired in same dress.

The memorial, where many of my mates, left their name inscribed in golden words to remain alive forever in history and memories of we Indians. I was not lucky enough to reach anywhere near them, but I could touch their feet and lay my medal as homage to their brave efforts.


I know my medal is no where in front of what they did to save our country, but I was finding it very trivial to stand their wearing it. I am sure, they will accept my humble and trivial homage.

May you all stay alive forever in the history of India mates.

And May we Indians cherish your contribution to the extent that we start owning our responsibilities towards this mother earth and do our bit to save it.

That for sure will be a befitting remembrance of martyrs and Kargil Vijay Diwas.

Jai hind

Kargil International Marathon, 2017

Kargil International Marathon Major Dp Singh

Employing sports as a bridge to connect the people in the best of human spirit, Kargil International Marathon was organised on 16th July,2017, in the city which is renowned for the battle of 1999 which is still etched in our minds. The chief objective of the marathon was to project Kargil as a potential tourist destination (primarily focusing on sports) and to commemorate the Kargil war heroes. By giving the participants a choice between walking or running 5 km, 10 km, half marathon and even take up the Tiger Hill challenge of 120 km, it also attempted to give an insight to the normal citizens about the daily struggles and hardships faced by our soldiers in such a challenging terrain.

Major DP Singh has devoted himself completely to this national cause and is bent on making this initiative, a successful one. He celebrated his Death Anniversary on 15th July in Kargil by cutting a cake, a ritual usually practised on birthdays. Minister of State for Defence, Dr. Subhash Bhamre, clicked a button and launched a new era of motivation, encompassed in a website of Major DP Singh. On the morning of 16th July, Major DP Singh ran his maiden Kargil International Marathon and on successful completion of 21 km, received the medal as an appreciation of his efforts.

His respect for the Kargil war martyrs took him straight to the Drass War Memorial, also known as Vijyapath, where he paid tribute to those, who even after giving up their lives for their Motherland, are still alive in our hearts. Major DP Singh considers himself not lucky enough as he couldn’t be the one among them in the war. He saluted their incomparable sacrifice and laid his medal at the memorial as a homage to the war heroes.

The event turned out to be a massive success as an impressive number of people, irrespective of their gender or age, participated in the marathon with utmost zeal, thereby, contributing in achieving the major motive. Witnessing such an overwhelming response from the people, even the hills demanded. Once more Once more.


IDBI federal life insurance New Delhi marathon 2017

Divyangs Major DP Singh

With the efforts of Major DP Singh, this marathon became fully inclusive last year in February, as on his request the organisers allowed People with Disabilities ( Divyangs ) to participate in the event of their choice. The Divyangs were given a separate small 2.5 km walk parade known as Champion with disabilities.

35 divyangs were made to participate in 21 km as well as 5 km run. They did it miraculously without any extra support by running on wheelchairs and artificial legs among the other people.

This year too, on 26 th February, 65 persons with disability completed the IDBI Federal Life Insurance New Delhi Marathon out of whom 6 completed 21 km and rest all did 10 km.

Major DP Singh was glad to meet Sachin Tendulkar, the face of IDBI Federal Life Insurance Marathon, 2017, at the launch event of the held in October. Describing that moment, he says When I shook hand with him I found the grip strong, of course it is not easy to handle the bat and hit 100s on fastest bowlers of world, just like that. The strong grip but had a soft smile behind it and acknowledgement of meeting a war veteran. He knew about me was not a surprise to me but he giving a reference of mine in the very beginning of his address to press was a sweet surprise.

There are challenges and when it gets tough, then the tough get going. Guys like Major DP Singh set an example said the Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar at the launch event of 2017 New Delhi Marathon adding that he was inspired by Major DP Singh story. This was the sweet address which overwhelmed Major DP Singh.


Greenathon by VNC

Greenathon Major DP Singh

Greenathon, An annual walk, run and cycle event to save environment

Major DP Singh has always been ever ready to put in his utmost efforts for the amelioration of India. He has fulfilled all the commitments towards his nation and never shied away from going out of his comfort zone to do something worthwhile. Being an important part of Greenathon was one such dynamic step, exhibiting his valiance and effervescence with which he lives his life.

Keeping up to his promise, he made a year ago to Mr. Dhaval Patel at a youth conference in Panchgani, Major D P Singh paid a visit in Vidyanagar, Anand and devoted a day to nature and cleaner India.

Dr. Dhaval Patel (the same name, coincidentally) , the collector and DM of the city was present at the event for flag off of the Greenathon. Major met him post noon and discussed a few of his concerns regarding the village. The collector agreed to pull the administration to do the needful. Meanwhile, Mr. Dhaval Patel decided to clean the area with the help of his volunteers.

During the run, Major was mesmerized by the enthusiasm exhibited by an 8 th standard girl, Jhanavi, who was running her first 10km. Appreciating her for her efforts, he said I wish if each girl shows such grit, perseverance, determined and humble attitude no one can stop them to conquer the world.

The joint efforts of Dr. Dhaval Patel, Mr. Dhaval Patel and Major Devender Pal Singh did not go waste and the trio DP effect turned out to be successful.


SwachhAbility Run 2016

SwachhAbility Run (Major DP Singh)

JK Cement SwachhAbility Run

The Swachhability run, 2016 started on November 27 from Chandigarh and Noida on December 4 to mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities (3 rd December) across the world. Based on a unique theme of A Run for All and Cleanliness by All, it motivated the people with disabilities to challenge their weakness and overcome it, alongwith contributing towards the national cause of Swachh Bharat.

Planning about this big event since May, 2016, Major DP Singh felt dejected as people who were to join them, started backing out by the beginning of September. But something pushed him to go ahead with the idea. Expressing it in his words, he says Then I realised that perhaps they were to join me till here only. And if I am supposed to walk alone, so be it. I preach to the world that .If you wish to give up something, Give up Giving up. , so how can I myself give up?

Taking it as God’s way of testing him, he remained firm on his beliefs and destiny smiled on him. He met Col Rajnish Kapur of JK Cement Ltd and shared with him his desire. Col Rajnish did not give a second thought to express his interest in joining hands with him. Planning started again from a new end to scale up the solo event to a level where masses were to be involved and a life time experience was to be given to the public of 7 cities.

Many other big brand names like Delhi Dynamo FC, T 10 sports, Proton sports, Fast and Up, Clean planet, Flags of Honour, Chandigarh Spinal Rehab, Endolite India Pvt Ltd and mightiest among them THE GREAT INDIAN ARMY, extended their support and Swachhability Run became the biggest event of his life.

The run targeted small cities where no platform existed giving a wonderful opportunity to 400 divyangs alongwith general public. They also lead the Swachhta drive with a motive of clean India which further boosted their morale. Students of 70 schools were involved in the campaign to create an awareness among them regarding the cause. Martyrs, Veer Naris and mothers of martyrs were honoured arousing a feeling of patriotism among everyone.

Recalling the days devoted to Swachhability Run, Major DP Singh remarks, To me these 7 days were like a pilgrimage. An opportunity to pay homage to our martyrs, to pay respect to our Bharat Maa, to bring equality among children of this mother earth, to give platform to Divyangs to showcase their subdued Ability, to let all understand that change is brought by initiating it by self, to sensitise kids to shape up better tomorrow, and end each day by a pledge and beloved national anthem.


Pardada Pardadi Half Marathon

Pardada Pardadi Major DP Singh

On 4th September, 2016, Major DP Singh paid a visit to Pardada Pardadi Educational Society, Anoopshahar participating in a half marathon and interacting with the female students. He spent the day imparting lessons he has learnt from his own life experiences, encouraging the the girls to get over the problems hurled at them and win the race of life.

Pardada Pardadi unshackles the girls from the society contraints and endows them with the arms of confidence and knowledge so that they can be self reliant in whatever they do in their life. Major DP Singh was very much moved by the man behind the vision, Mr. Virendra (Sam) Sinthumb.jpggh, a 76 year old NRI, who left his cushy job in USA and came back to his roots to empower the girls of his village. He aims to give them best of education without losing the values of our culture.

He is not only educating girls but also empowering females of around 63 villages around his own village Bichaula. The 3.5 km road leading to his village is well lit and in an almost no electricity area, he uses solar power to light the lamps around this stretch of road.

Major DP Singh could relate himself to the words said by Mr. Virendra Singh “Let me do whatever I can do to bring the change instead of cribbing about system”. He further added “If each one of us start doing even small bit, we can transform the world. That small may be as small as not littering around, preserving water and environment. If not anything else, atleast, taking care of ethics and value system of our culture, to pass on the healthy tomorrow to our kids.” Major DP Singh felt honoured meeting such a great teacher and getting to know the enriched legacy he has built.


Tapi Night Run at Surat

Tapi Night Run Major DP Singh

The success of Swachhability Run made the organisers invite Major DP Singh to inspire the people of Surat as well. This tapi night run was devoted to create awareness among the people to take initiatives in cleaning Tapi river and Surat city. It was Major first night run and he was equally enthusiastic about it.

The CM of Gujrat flagged off the tapi night run on 5th March, after honouring few runners and an amputee (TCO member) with a new Blade prosthesis. It included a 21.1 km and 10 km timed runs and 3 km non-timed run. The CM also announced Rs 900 crore as fund for clean Tapi project.

It was a well organised run under race director Dr Jain, a runner himself. The route was well supported with hydration and eateries. The roads were well lit with a lot of people cheering and having a great time. There was huge participation from the end of the city residents.

Major DP Singh felt privileged being a part of this run, as is clear from his words. When the cause is pure and close to my heart it became even cherishing for me.

The betterment of his nation , has always been Major DP Singh topmost priority. He never leaves an opportunity to prove his love and dedication for the country.


Journey To Success

Major Dp Singh

An inspirational session for students in Dubai

Major DP Singh is not a person who would lose heart and sit back after getting weary of all the ordeals in his life. He radiates the same optimism, he has adopted in his life, to keep the people around him motivated.

In a similar attempt, he interacted with the students in Dubai on 8th April, 2017 on the topic. I am the Boss, thereby making a contribution in shaping their future. With this motivational session, he filled them with the zeal to cross all the hurdles and do something big in their life.

According to Major DP Singh, It is important to instil confidence in them but it is even important that this confidence comes with solid and not a pampered foundation. Hard work and small failures or setbacks work as concrete mixture to give strength to this foundation. So if they understand the way to put in hard work and reasons of set back and failures. It will be easy for them to walk on a positive path.

He further adds I am trying my bit to contribute towards building a better and positive future. Let each parent also take this as their responsibility to contribute towards future of not just the kid but of this world. Onus lies on all of us.

Major DP Singh has not only got the better of his own obstacles, but is also lending his hand to others to conquer their odds. With this level of determination and spirit, he has become a positive influence on people who have given up on their lives fearing the turmoil life brings along with it.


Run with a soldier for a soldier

Run with a Soldier for a Soldier Major DP Singh

Running in Sikkim was one opportunity to check back how and where do I stand today after recovery of high altitude effect.

Opportunity was even more lucrative as I had my best buddy, Col Sundaresan, to run with and be a part of his lovely mission. He is running 50 full marathons in 50 weeks to collect 50 lacs to be distributed to 50 martyr families. I ran with him in Dehradun too, just 2 weeks prior.

The run was on 14th May from Changu lake at 12500 ft to Libing helipad area in Gangtok covering 42.2 kms. We did acclimatisation from 10th to 13th May by staying at 10500 ft in a transit camp of army. Little runs, up and down, visit to Nathu la (Indo China border) , Baba Harbhajan temple, daily visit to Gangtok for press conference, meeting with Governor & interaction with students of SRM university kept us super busy.

We had kept 13th as free to relax and be ready for 14th but my course mate was commanding there. His request to speak to men to motivate them could in no way be refused, (coursemates are above all) so on 13th we interacted with his team. I got moved when post talk, one of the boys walked up to me and said, ” sahab 2 saal baad tuhanu khabar daunga ke tusi ajj iss bande nu kis level te motivate kar ditta ” (sir, I will tell you the result of today’s motivation after 2 years, you have no idea how much you have motivated me today).

While going up on 12th we met with landslide and turned back to stay with Sikkim scout. It was an adventure within an adventure trip, as we didn’t have any clothing but the suits we were in because we had a meeting with the Governor that day.


But, when the army is around, one need not worry for anything. The stay at scouts was the most comfortable and memorable one. Every thing (every small thing) was arranged by team scouts. Sumptuous food, perfect weather (ideal to be with partners). Unfortunately I and Sundar sir were facing each other 😀 lol ) , & lovely sight from guest room. Despite their coercive hospitality, we refused to enjoy drinks as acclimatisation was going on & focus was on run than anything else. Well, this becomes the reason to go back there for leisure stay too. 😉

As it was a test run for me I had gone with the aim of trying only 21km but after going there we both were confused with what distance should I run. After lot of deliberations we concluded that I should chose middle path and run 31 km. The fact that there was a long patch of damaged and slushy road in between became the reason behind this decision. This way I will run more but save my prosthesis from getting damaged.

Thunderstorm, a night before had raised some doubt in others & questions were asked if we will still go ahead. Obviously, the answer was yes even if it snows. But Sundar sir predicted that it would be a clear sky on run day. Lo and behold, it was so clear that throughout the route we were craving if the sun could hide for some time please. 😉

We started at 5 am from area crusher (that is how we name in army, there is a crusher lying on the hairpin bend at the road and distance from this point was measured by us using a Garmin and speedometer of a Gypsy ) we had kept a distance of little more than 42.2 so that in case Garmin misbehaves, we should not remain short of full marathon mark as Sundar sir had do run one FM (conveys a lot about morals we have learnt from army as it was not an organised marathon, no one was keeping an eye on us and no certificate was to be given but the mere fact that an FM was to be run every week didn’t let our conscious to take any short cuts).


We were accompanied by men from various paltans enroute. Ojas, son of CO of Sikkim scout, just 11 year old ran almost 12 km and I was damn impressed by his enthusiasm.

During the last stretch, after 25 km mark, heat was increasing and was pulling me back but the boys around and Sundar sir kept the spirits high.

A drop of almost 5000 ft forced the road enroute to have slopes as steep as 40 degree gradient and taught me well to maneuver it by trying all stunts of light jog, single leg hop, snap knee (artificial one) breaking action to walk with the slowest speed. I am thankful to all the boys who had never met me in the past and might not have met again but were kept an eye on me from corner to react and hold me if I fell (this is true love & one can get it only in army). God’s grace, I did snap once but the falls during Doon run and the practice had trained my mind on how to balance, in case there was any situation of stumbling and this way I didn’t fall even once during the whole route (practice makes you learn most difficult things too & that is why I suggest fellow amputees how important it is to fall if you wish not to fall ever again 🙂

Finally in about 4.26 hrs I entered helipad area of Libing, Gangtok, along with Sundar sir and other runners (Maj Gurpreet, Col Partha, Col Amit, Capt Deepak, two boys from SRM university whom we had motivated previous day to join us, and many men of my beloved, Indian Army). General officer commanding, Maj Gen Tejbir Singh was waiting for us. He himself is a sportsman and knew the importance of cooling down and stretching after such a long run. Immediately on receiving us he asked us to go and do proper stretching which was unthinkable from any civilian chief guest.

As Col Sundar is trying to collect 50 lacs from corporates, to be distributed to 50 martyrs family, Gen expressed his desire to support financially too. Although, in no way we had the intention of taking funds from army itself to be given to our own families (as army is doing a lot to support) but Gen was so touched and emotional with the idea that he couldn’t stop but contributed one lac to the cause. One who knows the pain of martyrs’ families and feels the genuineness of mission can only do so.

Next day I again gained height (went up again by 1000 ft) but in a paraglider as Air Officer In charge of Bagdogra, himself an ultra runner, and a well wisher senior friend, made me take this ride.

Jai hind

Receiving a gold medalist 101 year old lady

Bibi Maan Kaur with Major DP Singh

Got the honor of receiving Bibi Maan Kaur, a 101 year old lady from the village of my paternal granny. She won 4 gold medals in recently concluded World Masters Athletics championship at Auckland, New Zealand. She was accompanied by her 79 year old son, who also won a silver in his category.

It was a matter of pride for me that I got an exclusive opportunity to receive them and only those who are sincere in their respect towards such inspirational figures were present, Super Sikh team (Lovleen, Raja, Aseem and Dheer) under Rajeev and Gurpreet.

When I hugged Beji (a loving name given to all punjabi elderly women) I realised age has affected her as she was wearing a waistband to support her bent lumber. This conveys a lot about her will power and the fact that achievements are a game of mental strength and not luck or just physical power.


And when you are determined of such nature and have perseverance, even God blesses you (perhaps that is why they say, God helps those who helps themselves). This was evident from her reaction on getting the welcome. She could not stop herself from singing praises of almighty (shabad of Gurbani) . Typing this makes my eyes wet as I can still feel the aura of that special soul.

I was also surprised to see that my mom was enthusiastic to meet her and even when many youngsters shrugged to spoil their sleep at 2 in the night, my mom was dressed up before me to receive her.

It was a blessed night.

Now I am at the airport again, ready to catch a flight to Bagdogra to travel further to Gangtok to run with a soldier named Lt Col Sundaresan Sen (last we ran together in Doon on 30th April). He is on a mission ” Run for the soldier, Run with a solider ” , doing 50 full marathons in 50 weeks in 50 different locations of India to collect funds to honor martyrs’ families. Generally he runs in an organised marathon however as there is no run organised towards Gangtok side , he was running alone, that is where I pitched in. How can a soldier who is on such a wonderful mission be left alone…… 🙂