SwachhAbility Run 2018

SwachhAbility aims at inclusion of divangs as equals by recognising their achievements and zealous attitude towards life, proving to the world that they are in no way less able.​ ​SwachhAbility Run aims at creating awareness among the masses about swachhta by involving them in the mission to make India cleaner, greener and more beautiful.


Carrying forward the spirit of the Indian Army, SwachhAbility Run emphasizes on the inclusion of Divyangs as equals and Swachh Bharat, motivating people to run for celebrating the initiative of changing the world by leading it. This run aims at evolving our nation into an inclusive and pristine land.

Swachh Run for a cause

Major DP Singh, the bellwether of change, upholding the spirit of Indian Army came forward to lead this run and bring a change in the country. Comprehending the need of Divyangs’ inclusion as equals in the country and Swachh Bharat, he invited all Indians to celebrate this run and spread the message.

“I Pledge that

I will appreciate the abilities of people around me and respect and value every creation of God.

I also pledge that

I will do my best to keep my surroundings and my city clean and beautiful.”

Contemplating the country’s future, this run involved the committed participation of school children, thereby making the noble message immortal.

Be the change you want

Lead the change by action, don’t wait for others to begin.

“I” is an alphabet that defines both the noble causes of the SwachhAbility Run. Major DP Singh started his journey with an eye on “I”. He always believed in it and with his sheer willpower, kept on spreading the message “Lead the change by action, don’t wait for others to begin” across the globe. Now in the second edition of SwachhAbility Run, Major D.P. Singh ran continuously towards the goal of bringing a change in the society and covered 5 cities of Panjim, Belagavi, Hubballi, Mangaluru and Bengaluru, resulting in a glorious and spectacular event.


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