Ability and Attitude Major DP Singh

The Zen attitude, important for living the life.

Just a few days back there was a fire in residential building of Mumbai’s Parel area. Nothing new about such incidents but what was amazing this time, was involvement of a 10-year-old girl Zen Sadavarte, in saving many lives out of fire. Yes, a 10-year-old girl. How is that possible that in case of an incident where the whole building ...
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fight back with disability Major DP Singh

Running – My Answer to Fight Back Disability!

Till year 1999, I had no idea about physical disability, how it is connected by the society with our past karma. How less are the opportunities for people who are fighting a battle with any type of disability and also a societal battle against inclusion. The lone battle: In the beginning it was not that bad as I was surrounded ...
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teacher's day Major DP Singh

People who taught me and touched my life

I was an average student and couldn’t have fared well in school without the guidance of Devinder uncle ji (spelling is different but the name is same as mine) and Kamlesh aunty ji, a next door couple. My dream was to get commissioned into the army. I had promised aunty ji that one day I will get actual stars and ...
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