Major DP SIngh

The Skydive and the Deepest silence:

A humbling experience Life is a beautiful journey and as you progress, you start valuing the blessings, opportunities, and possibilities it offers. I have always felt that my birthday should be a meaningful day and have reasons to make it a special occasion to celebrate. When people see me, they see an injured veteran – but, I consider it lucky ...
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Marathon runner with disability Major Dp singh

Run and Run away

Few days ago, I was invited for a function by Army to deliver a talk to students at the lawns of India Gate. The place where the stage was set up was exactly the place where a boy on wheel chair was sitting few years back. To be precise in 2009, Nov. Beginnings of Marathon Running I am referring to ...
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Teachers Day (Major DP Singh)

Are we good students: a perspective on Teachers day.

Other day I was attending a function organized by Ithihas foundation. An organization engaged in real time teaching to students since last many years. Smita madam, the founder,is a passionate lady, an encyclopedia of knowledge and a wonderful story teller. She takes the kids of various school around the historical monuments and share the story behind and around not only ...
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