Limca Book of Records

Limca Book of Records Awards (Major DP Singh)

Limca ‘People of the year’ award 2016. It comes as a surprise to me that I am one among 15 chosen for the award. Certificate in my hand is half white as this portion is written in Braille. 🙂

Surprise! because I never gave them my name and generally all the awards are need to be applied for. In this case, it was a jury of 3 members who chose me for the work done, out of around 400 names put up to them by Limca book team.

I dedicate this award to all Chosen ones, the Chosen souls, including more than 1000 amputees of my group, The Challenging Ones. Generally known as Specially abled, PwD or very recently Divyang.

Chosen! coz, these highly risen souls, even with restricted or limited abilities perform at par or even better than others. I was not lucky enough to be born as Specially abled. I was given a wild card entry later in life. Perhaps, Army quota worked there. 🙂

So, here I thank Gen Musharaf, who did that favour on me. When I was fighting out his army, shouting Bharat Mata kee jai (because for me Bharat mata is this mother earth (not a statue) and he wanted to step on my mother.

His team stops me and says, Janab, we have wasted many bullets but none could find your name on it. So, here we dispatch this bomb, to whomsoever it may concern. Hopefully it will hit you.

I thank all those who challenged my ability and rejected me because they helped me to discover new me. A challenger. And pushed me to be the first Indian to start running marathon on artificial leg way back in 2009. Today just by action, by holding hand, I have made 100 more such amputees who are floating free on Indian roads and running events. Who have turned themselves from being one, as good for nothing to … wow.. you are an inspiration! By performing just 5 km of action.

I thank my Alma mater, Indian Army, who trained me to never give up, innovate and keep serving my Bharat maa. I am thankful to all my coursemates. My course IMA 101 regular, have produced heroes like CaptVikramBatra, PVC and made tradition to always keep the Tiranga high and flying.

And in the end and most importantly, I am thankful to God almighty who made be born as Sikh to my parents. The martial race, epitome of selfless sacrifice and service towards week, needy and the mother earth. This race has credited and understood the value of females way back in the era of Guru Nanak Dev ji itself and there is no restriction on them in performing even as priest of Gurudwara sahib, forget about entering there.

Where humanity is served, irrespective of cast and creed. Where community kitchen and doors of help opens even before the local authorities wake up to any untoward situation. Be it in India or places affected by ISIS. Following the moto of Saint and Soldier, this biggest heart race, have the audacity to make jokes and even laugh over self.

Thank you all my friends, fans, followers, relatives and near & dear ones for the blessings and good wishes you keep showering on me, time and again.

Wadakam, God bless, Om NamayShivaye, Om Shanti, Sat Sri Akal, Allah Hafiz, Pranam.


List of awardees is as under :

1. Akbar Khan

2. Arunima Sinha

3. Dr Suresh Advani

4. Javed Ahmad Tak

5. RamsuratMajhi

6. Ashwini Angadi

7. AayushiPareek

8. KS Rajanna

9. Major Devender Pal Singh

10. SayleeNandkishorAgavane

11. Ranveer Singh Saini

12. ZameerDhale

13. RajiveRaturi

14. KY Venkatesh

15. Radhika Chand