People who taught me and touched my life

teacher's day Major DP Singh

I was an average student and couldn’t have fared well in school without the guidance of Devinder uncle ji (spelling is different but the name is same as mine) and Kamlesh aunty ji, a next door couple.

My dream was to get commissioned into the army.

I had promised aunty ji that one day I will get actual stars and bow them in front of her.

On 6th Dec 1997, after commissioning from Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, I drove directly to their house and bowed to touch their feet.

Donning, full uniform with stars on my shoulder, I said, ” These are the stars and here I bow in front of you aunty ji and uncle ji. Thank you for what you did and all the support you gave me.”

Today, aunty ji is no more. May God bless her soul. I spoke to uncle ji, this morning, who is still in Roorkee, Azad nagar and wished him Happy Teachers’ Day. It was difficult to control the emotions.

I thank all those who, in one way or the other, mentored me, including all those who did not do what I expected of them as that helped me become an even better fighter.

I am the chosen one and blessed by Almighty HIMSELF. Thank you GOD for such a blessed life.

Happy Teachers’ Day

PS: The picture was taken during the piping ceremony at IMA. My grandparents did the honour as they are the ones who nurtured me during my childhood and groomed my personality. May their soul rest in peace.